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sign degree interpretations

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To get a Sign Degree Interpretation, I'll need the exact time, date and place where you were born. I will then draw up a short degree interpretation portrait of your personal planets (sun, moon, mercury, mars, and venus) based on the degrees they fall on in the chart.

For example:

Sun in 5° Virgo, the native by temperament, will be always ready to act at any time or age, they will always rally around as soon as duty calls. However, their whole life might flow away without any call from that quarter making itself heard or any occasion presenting itself. An excellent executor and gentleman/woman, their lack of initiative and ambition can only be matched by their faithfulness to their friends....

Moon in 18° Pisces, the native has an open, daring nature, easily led into contrast with the outside world, and into all sorts of danger. Should the horoscope bear indications of a rebellious spirit, there would be danger of an open conflict with the law....

Mercury in 20° Leo, the native has a bright and manifold intelligence, an intuitive and imaginative mind. Famous and influential people will like and support the native, who will enjoy also the friendship and cooperation of the best minds....

Venus in 10° Libra, the native has a taste for domestic activities. Their garments are either slovenly or if well-groomed, has a partiality to black....

Mars in 25° Sagittarius, the native employs a misuse of pleasures, of mental activity and of manual work, a freakish coexistence of the loftiest longings and a glutton's dreams....

The written analysis takes approximately 5-14 days, depending on my schedule, after receiving payment. After sending the analysis, usually by e-mail, I am then available to discuss the reading at length.

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