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To get a Fixed Stars Report, I'll need the exact time, date and place where you were born and will send you this reminder in your confirmation email. I will then cast your birth chart and write a detailed analysis delineating the interpretations of the stars in your birth chart listed in zodiacal order. The placement of each star and celestial object is described within its constellation, and includes a description of each planet and chart point as well as new insights and interpretations of each starset’s nature. Their relation to the regular planets and to each other becomes clear in this beautifully written report featuring insights culled from my research into the stars, galaxies, and other deep space objects. Also, revealed in your horoscope are the mythology of the fixed stars and deep space objects and the interpretations of each in the sign and house of your birth chart. The mystery and power of the stars are revealed to help you discover your true potential. A truly worthwhile personal experience. The written analysis takes approximately 5-14 days, depending on my schedule, after receiving payment. After sending the analysis, usually by e-mail, I am then available to discuss the reading at length.

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