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This is a more condensed snapshot of compatibility for those on a budget. In other words, this is the shit I used to do on tumblr when I first started my blog.


description for a Virgo sun, Aquarius moon, libra Mercury, Scorpio Venus, Virgo Mars, Aries Lilith (f) and Leo sun, Taurus moon, cancer Mercury, Virgo Venus, Capricorn Mars, Gemini Lilith (m)

Sun-moon synastry, with his sun in Leo and her moon in Aquarius, opposites attract, and he is often intrigued by her oddball originality. But the more conventional lion may be turned off by the lunar Aquarian’s anything goes approach to lovemaking. Although they’re both upfront and sincere, their fixed natures make them extremely stubborn and sometimes intractable. Other side of the synastry, with her sun in Virgo and his moon in Taurus, this pair is nicely matched sexually and lovemaking is erotic and intense. Virgo may be slower to arouse, but Taurus....

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