let’s talk about cancers.

Cancers are always dismissed as soft, impressionable, inconsequential, weak, whiny, victim-y, simpleminded, sensitive crybabies but the many that love to categorize them as such simply don’t have the intellect or the depth to understand that,…View Post

visuals: different sexual styles of the signs, part 2

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Cancer, Scorpio, PiscesView Post

visuals: different sexual styles of the signs, part 1

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Protected: progressed ascendant/descendant

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full analysis and breakdown of the complexity of cancers

I thought I’d start of this new year with a renewed sense of purpose. And as I’ve said before, my sole purpose with this website, other than the ins and outs of sexual astrology, is…View Post

an ode to the elemental nature of sex

Sex is freedom. Sex is really the only great adventure left. It’s what connects all of us together like air; as such, it’s a form of communication, often the highest and lowest form. You can…View Post

on femininity

Some tumblr on anon asked me: What is femininity to you? How do [you] advise people get in touch with that? Those who have strong Venus and Moon influences already have a leg up on…View Post

my views on feminism, part deux

Due to popular demand (and a super-pressed crybaby “anon” who just so happens to be a paid subscriber to this website lmao), I’m elaborating further on my anti-feminist views, which were initially highlighted here: https://astrognossienne.com/2019/12/02/my-answer-to-an-old-tumblr-question-or-why-im-an-anti-feminist/…View Post

my answer to an old tumblr question: or why i’m an anti-feminist

A while ago some tumblr anon asked: “What do you mean when stating that you are an anti-feminist? and can you also give some reasons as to why do you chose to define yourself as…View Post

free synastry lesson #2: positive sun/mars contacts

One of my all-time favourite synastry aspects, Mars conjunct/trine/sextile Sun is positive and exciting; there’s never a dull moment when this pair is together and this couple loves and fights with energy. The sun individual…View Post