“You know the passage where Scarlett voices her happiness that her mother is dead, so that she can’t see what a bad girl Scarlett has become? Well, that’s me.”

Vivien Leigh

Anaïs. أنايس .28. intj. that cancer bitch you love to hate. acataleptic. librocubicularist. independent. historian. nyctophile. anti-feminist. machiavellian. misanthrope. realist. tough as nails yet delicate as a flower.

I am the creator and admin of this site and the original tumblr page. This site contains astrology articles for Cancers. This page is all about the Cancer zodiac sign, compatibility, transits and birth charts. I stand apart from those on tumblr, mainly because I bring something different to the table – a unique combination of sexual and astrological expertise. The truth is that all of astro tumblr are sheep. They don’t have guts (hence all the anons on there); as such, they’re all at the end of a cliff and will jump off as a group. They’ll stand up and make a lot of noise but when all is said and done they all fall in lockstep and have a pussy agenda. I hate that. Here, I am truly free to post and blog about all the things that the powers that be on tumblr (and the certain haters that use it) are too small-minded and scared to allow.

I stand apart from many of the other astrologers that you see on tumblr (and most anywhere else) in the sense that I, as a Cancer, educate you on the totality of the Cancerian experience. Astrology, with me, is not only about the how-to of astrology. It is also a rich learning experience regarding the traditions, culture, and mindset of both the old and modern-day methods of astrology. Sexual astrology holds a special place in my heart, and it’s very personal to me, to the point that I very rarely give away my complete knowledge of this to others. I read astrology authors across the range of schools of thought and do not subscribe to any particular philosophy.

Since I opened my doors more than three years ago, I’ve stood out as a premium crafter and purveyor of spiritual goods, due to my attention to detail, commitment to authentic ritual work for clients, and the quality of my products– each of which is made to order and ritually blessed on my altar. A true Cancer, I’ve been a natural healer and leader since childhood, developing my gifts into strengths as I grew, and finally creating a lifestyle out of them, which includes my thriving business. I am an introverted exhibitionist. I’m reserved and quiet when I meet new people but once I know you and am comfortable with you (and like you), I can be the life of the party. I am a walking paradox in all facets of life. I have five planets in Aquarius, so yeah, I’m intense when it comes to my individuality and uniqueness, I prefer casual sex but I can be celibate for months at a time, my sex life is very experimental and singular. I have very strong opinions, but I try very very hard to identify with folks I don’t understand or don’t have much in common with. I also try to understand other points of view.

I think people are in general pretty average and boring and it obviously shows in what they create and consume, which is the reflection of who they are and, even more tragically, who they aspire to be. So therefore, as a Cancer, I can’t help but laugh at everyone’s basic (and largely inaccurate) views on my zodiac sign. And that’s why I created my tumblr blog as well as this website. I have faith that there’s an audience that’s intelligent enough to be more interested in the TRUTH about Cancers and real life than some staged and convenient stereotype of the crying, weak, maternal, clingy Cancer, which for the most part doesn’t exist. It’s not easy when an individual, no matter how distinguished, challenges the status quo, the commonly held assumptions. This is one of the worst hurdles in astrology today – for controversial results the answer should be “How could that happen?” rather than the attempted destruction of the career/reputation of the astrologer.

But that’s alright. In my mind, there’s no balance. I am unapologetically obsessed in my pursuit of greatness and destroying stereotypes about Cancers. I’m trying to reach a pinnacle that not many bother to or can reach; you’re either with me, or we’re gonna have problems. That’s my ultimatum. I don’t care. I have to reach a fucking goal, and it takes everything to get there. If others can’t understand that, that’s their problem and I don’t acknowledge or care about their existence. I only acknowledge those who are intelligent enough to look at Cancers from a more realistic point of view. Those are the only people that are of any concern to me. My website is a very select community of like minded people. As such, I set my own community standards for my content. I welcome you to join us if you are like minded, and ask you to politely leave us alone if you are not. In my pursuit of extolling Cancers and in my pursuit of success in real life period, there is no such thing as balance; you either get with it or get lost.

Speaking of real life, I also get into bits and pieces of my personal life on here; my views (which by tumblr’s standards are quite controversial), and everything in between all are contained in my diaries. I’m full of sultriness and froideur. I’m not interested in any online exposition; I value my privacy, yet have the urge to make connections with others and have a private yet public discourse, which is a reason why I created this website. Another reason why I created this website is due to my frustration with tumblr and its limitations (as well as certain people that are on it), which prohibits me from fully expressing myself. I’m a lover of sex, wine, and all the finer things life has to offer. I have unconventional views. I love to debate and to think differently. I am single, and in addition to my parents, I have an older brother and a half sister.

I currently live in the American west coast, for the time being. But no matter where I am, what I see is myself in the South and the South in me. The South is a broken place, and its richness lies in its brokenness. It’s an awfully human place. A bloody place. A pig fat place. I am, for better or worse, some strange breed of Southern. My father’s people are Nordic and glacial; Swedish grit meets English stiff upper lip. My mother’s people are much more hot-blooded, originating further south—swamps & Spanish moss south—and she studied philosophy & art in the low country at Loyola University New Orleans. Born under the constellation of Cancer, I have always been naturally inquisitive, creative, investigative, and interested in the metaphysical realm. Descended from a powerful mix of priests and sacred whores, shamans and stregas, I was raised by a mother whose grandmother practiced vodoun, or Haitian folk magic. Haitian strength and regalia meets French style and seductiveness meets Spanish and Italian impetuosity and passion.

I’m a staunchly sexual woman. Even though I’m an agnostic atheist, I had religious experiences in the form of sex. I am, for better or worse, some strange breed of Southern.

I’ve been restless most of my life so far, spending the majority of my teenage years dissatisfied, drunk, and chasing some sort of spangled rock & roll chimera. But, as mid twenty-somethings are wont to do, I’m in the process of calming down and coming to appreciate the mundane & prosaic: finding the sacred in the mundane and the beauty in daily life.

Studying astrochemistry is a magical experience. Challenging. When I’m not doing that, I work as a freelance astrologer. Making the business of everyday living not just beautiful but interesting is my raison d’être. I’m in it for contrast and mess, the counter-intuitive, the strange, and the dark. I’m a mystic with the moon forever in the corner of my eye. So. I’m no major astrologer. I take pride in this. I think that as we’re starting to hunger for real answers, we’re hungering for real people.

What I’m really enamoured with is the texture of life itself from bone marrow to neuroscience, relationships to mortality. I’m not interested in an aseptic silence that avoids discomfort. There are messes that abide for weeks, screaming matches, missed deadlines, and ill starred decisions. And there is fresh bread, floral tea, and good work to be done. And there is poetry in all of it. I like sharp knives. I like people with spikes. I like technique. I like ratios. I like simplicity. I like rustic. I like refined. I like food. I like life. I’m quite an individualist and I cannot bear anyone telling me what to do. New people and fresh projects make me happiest. When life starts getting predictable, I get antsy. I’m a happy warrior who gets enjoyment out of being in battle and provoking others, which I do effortlessly. My philosophy is that regarding the quotidian as art down to the detail renders so much more out of life. Sometimes beauty is very ugly, and sometimes the ugly is very beautiful. That’s the aim of my work, and my work speaks for itself.