more about my personality

I’m not for everybody. I’m a Cancer sun/Capricorn moon, with a Scorpio mother and Taurus father, so I’m as tough as they come. I can be harsh. I can be arrogant, VERY arrogant. I’m a sharp shooter and even when I shoot from the hip I still aim right between the eyes (as a true 2 always does). I have no filter, but my intentions are 100% pure which is why I have a different kind of luck that always carries me through life. Those that matter honour me no matter what and those that are close to me appreciate my direct approach to EVERYTHING. If you are easily offended or judgmental of everything and everyone but yourself, I’m not the person for you. I’ll likely turn you alllllll the way off and that’s okay; someone else has got you, but it sure isn’t me. ?

If you are ready to be the BEST version of yourself you might need me around. I’ll elevate the FUCK out of your confidence and vibration. If I do anything for you as your friend/family I am guaranteed to push you beyond your limits, modify your habits, elevate your thoughts and perspective on yourself and everything else but everyone cannot handle me. I will bring out the absolute best in you! Period. Again, I’m not for everyone. I’m not for the timid/sensitive/victims but if I care for you, I will not EVER bring bad vibes or intentions to you. I promise. I love you. ?


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