what turns you on?

Hmm, what a simple and loaded question. In the more broad sense of the term, I think confidence is my number one turn on; confidence and all that comes with it. Someone with confidence, not cockiness, is more likely to rest their hands on the small of my back or the back of my neck on our second date. Someone with confidence is more likely to know exactly what he wants in bed. Someone with confidence is more likely to be able to communicate. In a relationship, someone with confidence is more likely to be open to try new things (both in and out of the bedroom). Intelligence is a turn on. Nothing is greater than knowing you’re going to be having sex with someone who can and wants to learn more about the world every day. Art, music, and literature turn me on. Humour turns me on. Reliability turns me on. Understanding turns me on. Men who aren’t afraid of doing something different, because it suits them – not because they think they should or feel pressure from friends/family/society is a huge turn-on.

In a more micro sense of the term, I get turned on by someone who is bigger than me taking control. Someone who can physically overtake me, but who has the civility and maturity not to. Men who can actually teach me something turn me on. Older men turn me on. Their experience speaks volumes…men who can grow a beard turn me on. Men who can grow a beard and have the diligence to keep it trimmed turn me on even more. I like it rough; pulling my hair, but not too hard, turns me on. Biting my shoulder, but not too hard, turns me. Basically anything that says, “Look at what I could do to you, but I’m not going to” turns me on. Dominance. Power. Being slowly undressed turns me on. Being quickly undressed turns me on. Not being in control turns me on. Genuine laughter turns me on. A man who has the courage to take me to the limit, yet still constantly stimulate my interest, passion and intellect turns me on. 

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