my views on feminism, part deux

Due to popular demand (and a super-pressed crybaby “anon” who just so happens to be a paid subscriber to this website lmao), I’m elaborating further on my anti-feminist views, which were initially highlighted here:

Now. Feminists’/women’s favourite whining point is, “Oh, no one believes women when they come forward about sexual misconduct in the first place”, implying that it’s because people in general already have sexist ideas about women and their motives to begin with. Except, that makes no fucking sense statistically and scientifically speaking. What these women call: “no one believes women”, I call due process. You know, that right that all human beings have. Who do you think is more likely to be believed when they come forward about sexual abuse? Male or female victims? I’ll give you one good guess.

I don’t even think ideologues such as the women who typically hide like cowards on anon (on tumblr, of all things), so that they can feel the needs to comfortably bitch about my valid viewpoints could genuinely try to argue it’s harder for female victims without looking like a complete retard. We both know damn well it’s MUCH harder for male victims…which thus contradicts their whole “people don’t trust women” garbage as the reason why people don’t believe victims of sexual abuse. Besides, it doesn’t account for gender differences in terms of behaviour. If it is indeed true that victims aren’t believed, it has fuck all to do with them being female. In fact, if any gender is more heavily scrutinized, it’s men. So by the feminists’ logic, this should be a male issue.

I said in my previous post that I don’t use terms such as “toxic masculinity” or “toxic femininity”, because there’s no evidence for it, and it’s inherently divisive. And I meant it. Frankly, the idea of “toxic masculinity” doesn’t stand up to the most basic of scrutiny. I often wonder how anyone could be swayed by such asinine rhetoric, are people simply too brainwashed, or outright moronic? Its existence is usually argued based on men’s supposed emotional repression and their aggressive tendencies, like women never fail to point out. Okay, let’s analyze both of these claims, shall we?

First of all, it is often argued that the high suicide rate among men is a result of “toxic masculinity” (which btw, is extremely ironic for feminists to blatantly blame the victim. I guess it’s fine when it’s done to men), as it stops men from “expressing their emotions”, which results in emotional instability and suffering. EXCEPT, men are categorically NOT the ones attempting suicide at the highest rate. That would be women (at an alarming rate, in fact). Men are also not the ones suffering the most emotionally, as feelings of depression, anxiety and PTSD are far more common in women, as a result of their higher levels of neuroticism. So yes, most people who die from suicide are male, but that is purely the result of men using more destructive force (guns, etc), not the result of men attempting suicide at higher rates or suffering from mental illnesses. In other words, the popular feminist thesis should ironically argue that it is femininity, not masculinity, that has a severe issue with dealing with emotional pain.

Secondly, in terms of aggression, it’s important to note that the average difference in aggression between men and women is statistically almost negligible, it’s only in the top 1 percentile in most aggressive people, that we clearly see a gender imbalance… but in the latter case, the common factor is that they pretty much all come from fatherless homes. Prisons are filled with the most aggressive men, and those men were raised by single mothers. That is not my opinion, it is a statistical fact.

  • 71% of high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.
  • 75% of all patients in drug abuse programs are from fatherless homes.
  • 85% of children with behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes.

It’s not “toxic masculinity” or men that turns boys into aggressive douche-bags, or criminals at worst… it’s precisely the LACK of masculinity in their lives that turns boys into uncontrollable, emotionally unstable, aggressive tools. That’s what the statistics prove, just like they prove just how patently absurd and intellectually dishonest the prevalent feminist narrative truly is. Despite what women like to tell themselves, masculinity is not toxic, quite the contrary, it is actually highly important and necessary for young boys specifically, but girls as well. So if women argue that the conversation about “toxic femininity” is pointless or bigoted, then why are they completely okay with the conversation about “toxic masculinity” not being scrutinized the same way? WHY the double standards? Either both are toxic (in part), or neither of them are. I’m in the latter category, but most women? They just pick and choose to suit their narrative. It’s cowardly, most of all.

An argument a woman can say to deflect from taking accountability for their behaviour is: “well, if you list out all the ways that women can be shitty while also admitting that for a millennia women only had about 3 tools in their toolbox when it came to having any power in society…come on now”
Typical victim response. Please tell me, what did men have at their disposal when it came to having any power in society? Deluded feminists always paint this incredibly biased picture of history in which women were treated like sub-human trash and all men had all the power. Except that men suffered alongside women for all those millennia as well. A fact people like them love to ignore. Make no mistake, men have always been and will always be the disposable sex. Chivalry is not a new concept. Even during what you would consider to be times when women were treated no better than slaves, men were expected to die so women could live. “Women and children first” is not something that arose in the late 20th century. It’s been a thing for thousands of years. I don’t blame women for this, the reason is self-evident (biology/ evolution). But don’t dare pretend like men had it all. Yes, women suffered… but so did men in other ways. And when it comes to human rights, both genders were equally oppressed, as class was the deciding factor, not sex. Even male suffrage has an entire history behind it that these equality-minded feminists conveniently never talk about.

When women use the angle that women use their ‘womanly wiles’ to get what they want, they are OUTRIGHT LYING. As far as the domestic violence/violence against women thing, in the name of equality, it goes both ways. It is not mainstream opinion whatsoever that women think they can get away with physically abusing men because they’re women. In fact, it’s not even a thing that women realize they do, because I guarantee you, quite a few women have hit a man at one point in their lives, and most likely for trivial reasons, whereas you simply CANNOT level that accusation at men. I’m pretty sure a lot of these feminists are “guilty” of this themselves. Granted, I fully admit it’s actually not a big deal 99% of the time. In fact, I can’t stress enough how ultimately insignificant most of these hits/ slaps are. I assure you that men don’t give a fuck. But it’s become so normalized to the point that women (and men too) are not even aware of it. I know I’ve slapped a man’s face before and I regret it. I’ve done it, and I’ve seen it done in films/TV, and more importantly, in real life. Some may deserve it, others don’t, most cases may not be that significant, sure… but the fact remains, it IS physical “abuse” by definition. And if the roles were reversed, it would be seen as a much bigger deal. I’m not saying this to demonize women, but you can take it however you want. The point I’m making is that women do believe, albeit subconsciously that they can get away with such behaviour. And it’s not something men could get away with, period. And no one… literally NO ONE is telling women how emotional and irrational they are for hitting/slapping men. The women that I tend to consider good enough to associate regularly with overwhelmingly DON’T describe themselves as feminist and they are more levelheaded and mature about their femininity.

A common argument women like to say is : “well, statistically there are more women by FAR who are sexually abused than who ever lie about it”
Depends on where you get your numbers from, because false accusations statistics are hilariously unreliable and vary from source to source.
Here’s a good video explaining the minutia of the matter:

According to the US Bureau of Justice Statistics (pretty much the single most reliable and accurate source when it comes to these issues), men are sexually abused almost as much as women. So WHY in this age of equality is this being viewed as a female issue? By constantly putting the focus on women, despite men making up nearly 50% of all sexual abuse victims (at the hand of WOMEN, btw), what these equality-minded feminists are doing is saying that male victims don’t matter. And make no mistake, I know that they truly don’t care, so these women can spare me their fake sympathy. Appealing to popularity is fallacious, if not outright pathetic.

And then lastly, this now-infamous-post I linked at the beginning of this illustrious post ended with 5 points on why I’m cool on feminism; let me expound on those last 5 statements:

1) Feminism is anti-male

Sure, feminists always say that what they are against patriarchy, and not men. However, just as gay activists point out that “hate the sin, love the sinner” is problematic with respect to homosexuality (since there is an inevitable identification of the homosexual with homosexuality), men are inevitably associated with patriarchy. Feminism loves to look at men at the top of society (politicians, CEOs, top earners etc) but ignore the men at the bottom (e.g. criminals, those who die early, successful suicides; at most ascribing their problems – like everything else wrong with the world – to ‘patriarchy’). It seems to me that a group being over-represented at the bottom is a much worse problem than one being over-represented at the top (indeed, the over-representation of blacks in prison is taken as evidence of ‘racism’, even if the over-representation of men there is not considered sexism), yet feminists steadfastly only look at the latter (despite most claiming to believe in gender equality [1]).

[1] – Of course, a few feminists see no problem with this, saying that feminists should only fight for women’s rights (one such I used to know proclaimed that it was problematic for a man to lecture a woman about feminism), but this seems unfashionable nowadays and most feminists pay at least lip service to gender equality for both sexes.

Men inevitably get the term ‘male privilege’ thrown at them whenever they point out problems with feminism; the mere fact that they are men means any disagreements they have with feminism are invalid. This is similar to how the Victorians considered women to be incapable of reason (albeit in a usually more limited domain – gender issues). This way of dismissing anything a man might have to say is both disrespectful of him as a person and men as a whole, while also being intellectually dishonest, which is yet another problem with feminism – its lack of reflexivity (self-interrogation and questioning of assumptions); basically feminists have an air of infallibility.

Perhaps the most harmful manifestation of feminism’s anti-male bias is seen in war. 97% of international NGOs studied didn’t even mention male rape in war and some actively campaign to silence discussion of the issue, for fear that it could hurt women [The rape of men] and the deaths of male civilians in war is ignored, because everyone is focusing on women and children [x]. We also have the White Ribbon Campaign which urges men to end violence against women – ignoring the fact that almost half of domestic violence victims are men [More than 40% of domestic violence victims are male, report reveals]. The campaign is symptomatic of a wider attitude which views women as victims and men as offenders (which is ironically itself anti-woman). In November 2013, the feminist group in Singapore, AWARE, was proud that it got the Singapore Armed Forces to ban the lyrics of a popular marching song [x]:

Booking out, see my girlfriend
Saw her with another man
Kill the man, rape my girlfriend
With my rifle and my buddy and me

They described their concern that soldiers “were bonding over misogynist lyrics about committing sexual violence against women”. Note what they ignored: the fact that the man is killed (which I think is worse than being raped). So apparently it’s okay to bond over violent lyrics about killing men – just not over those about raping women.

2) Much of the feminist agenda is based on false facts

One of feminists’ favourite topics is the gender wage gap. However, they usually use the headline figure and then complain about discrimination, whereas more careful analysis reveals that when you compensate for various factors, the gap becomes small [x]. In light of this, the designation of a day in early April as “Equal Pay Day” [x] (the day when women have to work until to earn as much as a man in the previous year) is deeply misguided at best and pernicious misinformation at worst. Feminists claim that only 2% of rape accusations are false, but this is a dodgy figure with no reliable basis [x]. Sometimes, there is deliberate lying. In the UK, it became common wisdom that the conviction rate for rape was six per cent, but this was misrepresentation of the statistics by treating rape differently from all other crimes (x) (x). It is telling that talking about facts can be considered a Bad Thing – a so-called “derailing tactic”.

3) Feminism disrespects women

This is probably my biggest issue. This is primarily seen with pornography and prostitution, where most feminists deem that women are unable to consent to those activities. Some feminists also look down on homemakers [x] despite feminism supposedly being about choice. Women like me who disagree with feminism are also accused of false consciousness, of internalizing the dominant paradigm (though usually not in those words). It is telling that feminists hate Sarah Palin, Margaret Thatcher and other conservative women so much. I’m not a fan of them either, but I at least respect the fact that they have the backbone to confidently represent their point of view and to do “a man’s job”, not unlike what Elizabeth I had to do, in a way. Feminism claims to be about gender equality, but it only supports women who push a feminist agenda. Otherwise, you are viewed as a traitor to the cause. It is one thing to say that we need women in power (for equity reasons, to bring diversity into decision making etc.). It is another to say that we need people in power to push the feminist agenda. And wanting women in power to push the feminist agenda is even worse.

4) Feminism is obsessed about trivialities

In the developed world, feminists love to dig up trivial issues and pretend that they are major problems. Besides being factually wrong (or at least questionable) assertions, these divert energy from real problems and are insulting to those who actually have real problems. Some women, such as one my ultimate muses, screen goddess Catherine Deneuve, actually get this (x), some women, such as professional victim low-level actress-looking-for-a-come-up Rose McGowan, just don’t and never will. As Hanna Rosin puts it, “The closer women get to real power, the more they cling to the idea that they are powerless” (x). The AWARE triumph mentioned above is a good example. When feminists spend their time going after inconsequential matters such as song lyrics, you know that feminism is irrelevant. One is also inclined to ask: using the same logic, don’t violent video games lead to violent crime? Not many people seriously argue this nowadays, and the moral panic about video game violence has ebbed (unless you’re Jack Thompson).

As with the boy who cried wolf, the ruckus kicked up over trivialities just discredits feminism in the eyes of most, as we can see from the numbers supporting gender equality who do not call themselves feminist.

5) Feminists are childish, rude and unable to disagree gracefully

As a final minor point, feminists (especially the immature, hypersensitive tumblr SJWs on here that I’ve seen in the comments and reblogs of my posts [and on posts on tumblr in general]) like to call names and hurl accusations at me, block me or censor me and those they disagree with (x). This doesn’t reflect well on them and the movement and thus, these females never fail to prove my point.


In conclusion, there are some valid points that feminists have, but they are overshadowed by the baggage and irrelevancies of the whole movement.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

I think the world is more complex than that.

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