my answer to an old tumblr question: or why i’m an anti-feminist

A while ago some tumblr anon asked: “What do you mean when stating that you are an anti-feminist? and can you also give some reasons as to why do you chose to define yourself as one. just being curious, thank you! “

First question: I mean precisely what I stated: I’m an anti-feminist.

Second question: Reasons? Gladly.

  • Western feminism is a scam created by upper class white women who wanted a seat at the table with their men. They had no intention of helping woc and poor women in any significant way. As far as woc and poor women are concerned, we’re on our own.
  • Men and women are not equal. We’re not inferior to men by any means, but we’re not like them. Biologically/physically there are things that a woman cannot do without the help of a man and there are things that a man can’t do – like giving birth.
  • This latest wave of feminism that has women declaring all men as “evil” and if any woman dares to say anything positive about a man then she’s a “problem” too is absolutely unhinged. You’ve lost the plot when it goes from being your sister’s keeper to now women are attacking each other just because we’re not all on the same page concerning the male species. It went from an empowerment movement to masked trauma bonding at its best.
  • I don’t believe that any group, including women, is oppressed in the US nor in other wealthy western nations. I have observed that people who think otherwise tend to conflate individual misogyny, even when it is widespread, with oppression. To me, oppression must either be top-down or it can be “grassroots” but it must be severe enough that you actually fear speaking against it. You certainly can’t make a whole career out of speaking against it, if you are actually oppressed.
  • A lot of “feminists” today are incredibly ignorant and take the rights that we have today for granted. They have no idea what life was like for women before the 70s.
  • There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be a career woman. Capitalism wants women to make their careers their identity so the system can make money off of us and take us away from our families.
  • Casual sex benefits men more than women. They get to have free sex without stigma. They can have many casual partners they pump and dump with no strings attached.
  • The trans movement killed feminism on a mainstream level.
  • Most women hate women.
  • Sisterhood is a myth.

I believe in gender equality, but I am an anti-feminist. Primarily, this is because feminism (not in theory, but in practice) is not about gender equality. When your actions don’t match your rhetoric, I refuse to take you seriously. 

Camille Paglia sums it up pretty well: 

“Feminism is dead. The movement is absolutely dead. The women’s movement tried to suppress dissident voices for way too long. There’s no room for dissent. Feminist ideology is like a new religion for a lot of neurotic women. You can’t talk to them about anything.” 

And you really can’t. Feminism is extremely problematic, but here are my main beefs with it (of course there’re many sorts of feminists, but this is the general flavour of the contemporary movement that I’ve encountered, from those who openly and loudly identify as feminist; this also applies mainly to feminism in developed countries). In summary,

  1. Feminism is anti-male
  2. Much of the feminist agenda is based on false facts
  3. Feminism disrespects women
  4. Feminism is obsessed about trivialities
  5. Feminists are childish, rude and unable to disagree gracefully 

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