free synastry lesson #2: positive sun/mars contacts

One of my all-time favourite synastry aspects, Mars conjunct/trine/sextile Sun is positive and exciting; there’s never a dull moment when this pair is together and this couple loves and fights with energy. The sun individual feels that the Mars person provides the impetus and drive to help achieve their full potential. The sun is aware that their personality also helps Mars achieve their goals. The Mars individual is excited by the sun person’s powerful personality; the sun’s ambition inspires Mars. This aspect is fantastic for a working partnership that calls for concentrated effort on a joint project. It also ignites a strong sexual spark for a personal relationship, one that continues to flare throughout the union. They are hardworking and energetic, achieving more together than they can on their own. Together these two are able to take on the world with confidence and a positive attitude. They take the initiative, rather than sitting back and waiting for things to happen. They both enjoy taking new risks in life, particularly ones that satisfy their sense of adventure. They might be too impulsive, or take unnecessary risks that lead to dangerous ground. This is certainly a progressive relationship that makes an impact on both the couple and those around them.

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