☿️ mercury in the signs ☿️

aries mercury: quick-witted, decisive and competitive. needs to get the credit for the ideas they are the first come up with. very enthusiastic when it comes to something that interests them. quite impatient and unrealistic, especially when they face opposition and obstacles. self-willed and confident. in arguments they can be quite combative, believing that they’re right. has a hot temper that needs a firm hand. sometimes they can be a little thoughtless and quarrelsome, but they’re nothing if not honest. well-informed, but needs to consciously develop better judgment.

taurus mercury: practical, steady and patient. can be inflexible in their views. their thought processes aren’t as quick as others, but they one thing they do have is plenty of common sense and good powers of concentration. doesn’t deal with purely abstract thought as it is a waste of time to them. may take forever to make a decision, but once they do, their word is final. their whole way of thinking is based on their idea of self-worth, and most matters are judged according to the way that their values have been moulded since early childhood.

gemini mercury:  they love to collect knowledge and communication plays a great part in their lives, because they need mental stimulation. has a clear logical mind. loves to debate, and their opinions may be changeable. intensely curious and has good reasoning powers. appears very well-informed, but may settle for a superficial grasp of the situation at times. they’re talkers, and at their worst, they’re prone to ceaseless chatter and are more talk than action. they’re flighty and easily attracted by anything new and interesting on the horizon. may find it difficult to keep their mind on just one thing at a time. they have a variety of interests and all kinds of people fascinate them, especially if there is some element of mystery about them. says what they mean but doesn’t mean what they say.

cancer mercury: very perceptive, intuitive and compassionate. has the best memory in the zodiac (for better or worse). they’re sharp and they find it easy to learn subjects that interest them. their imagination is very keen, but if it gets carried away, they may experience irrational fears. can also be a little secretive. may try to maintain a scientific and objective outlook, but their mind is actually dominated by their emotions. tactful and diplomatic, but remembers slights and hurts inflicted by other people against both themselves and their family. their respect for and interest in the past and traditions leads to frequent nostalgia, but if overdone, can lead to a certain amount of narrow-mindedness. they often make very good writers because of their humour and tenderness.

leo mercury: intellectually arrogant, but they are able to plan well. may sometimes overlook details in favour of the larger issues. theirs is an ambitious mindset; they’re sound at giving orders, carry responsibility well and are good teachers, especially able to bring out the best in children. they generally know the right thing to say at the right time, although they can show a stubborn and dogmatic side. they need to make sure they have all the facts first before they make up their minds. whether warranted or not, they have a high opinion of their mental powers, and they possess plenty of mental energy.

virgo mercury: their interests are broad and varied, and they’re versatile and intelligent, so they may find success in a variety of areas, but sometimes their humility is self-defeating. they feel that no matter what they do, no matter how good, there is always room for improvement. they’re overly critical and pedantic, especially when they’re stressed out, which is often. they’re basically honest folks, and it disturbs them greatly when they have to deal with people who are not. their skeptical minds are capable of precision and detail, so you are well suited to science and critical writing. they find learning easy, and when you don’t know the answer, they’re not above admitting it and they usually follow up by finding out the answer either on the spot or at a later date. they don’t entertain frivolous ideas.

libra mercury: a natural diplomat, they’re able to see both sides of the story, and are able to use careful and balanced thought to reconcile opposing issues. they are born strategists. they have a strong sense of fair play and justice. their natural curiosity and sympathetic understanding of a situation allows them to use their own judgement, which is often better than everyone else’s in the zodiac. however, because they are aware of so many options, they can be indecisive, which can stop them from reaching their goals. they’re often very popular and well-liked because they’re usually able to maintain very good relations with other people, since they’re non-confrontational. they quietly present others with the evidence and leaves others to draw their own conclusions. they have a great ability to bring people together. they often make a welcome addition to any social gathering, because they’re so charming, kind, and objective in their communication skills.

scorpio mercury: very intuitive, perceptive and clever. their minds are incisive and they just love delving into mysteries. their research, investigative, and concentration powers are excellent. they are also able to offer practical solutions to problems. they’re naturally suspicious and as such, they don’t just accept things just on hearsay; they prefer to find out the truth for themselves. mysteries fascinate them, as does anything hidden or shadowy, such as crime. they’re often too critical and sharp-tongued at times. they’re very shady and like to keep their intentions and motivations a secret, yet at the same time, they feel that other people’s secrets are fair game. they only reveal what they know if they’re absolutely sure that their trust won’t be violated. if they have been betrayed, they hold vindictive thoughts and grudges, and are often very destructive to others as well as themselves.

sagittarius mercury: sincere and versatile, they have a strong social sense and humanitarian issues interest  them. their fresh outlook and breezy manner means that they relate well to people. philosophic. finds ideas and opinions more important than fact. they’re the eternal students, extremely curious and knowledgeable on many subjects, may lack the necessary follow-through to get the most out of their knowledge. very optimistic and easily distracted by anything new. careless when it comes to the details and nuances of conversation. they have an instinctive idea of the truth and can be blunt, but always expressing the truth can be seen as tactlessness by others. they possess writing talent and usually excel at higher education. may prefer to study abroad.

capricorn mercury: rational, cool, and calculating, their thought processes are methodical and on the conservative side. they’re ambitious and shrewd, serious, practical and prudent, although they can also be narrow-minded, lacking in humour and too concerned with material status. may have a strong ability in either mathematics, the sciences or both. studying in later life will bring them success. they have their mind on their money and their money on their mind and the business of acquiring wealth and status is important to them. efficiency and planning ahead are their specialties. in everything they do, they tend to have a particular goal in mind. You also tend to keep a low profile whilst working towards these goals. You are not exactly comfortable where the taking of risks is concerned.

aquarius mercury: their minds work in an unemotional, impersonal and objective way although they’re driven by strong humanitarian instincts. they’re very assertive when you feel you are right, but usually don’t have any problems admitting when they’re wrong. thinks in an intelligent, bold, intuitive, inventive and original way. attracted to new and avant-garde ideas. their minds are well-suited to the modern sciences, including information science and technology and computers. they may be slightly erratic mentally, but they’re often brilliant. they tend to hold radical views, and may become dogmatic and stubborn in when it comes to them. reluctant to change their mind or plan of action once they are set. detests being pigeonholed, categorized, or told what to think, as intellectual independence is vitally important to you. they’re usually very well-read, and know a little about a great many things.

pisces mercury: intuitive and artistic and, at times, over-sensitive and absent-minded. has a flexible and easily impressionable mind. they may be disorganized mentally, but they’re able to understand the most elusive subjects. sometimes they have difficulty understanding everyday problems which require little intelligence. their mind works in many ways and on many levels and it really depends on their mood as to how well their thought processes actually operate. they usually have the ability to absorb facts, both useful and totally useless, without any trouble at all. easily distracted by novelty. they’re extremely sensitive to public opinion and find it very difficult dealing with those who oppose or disagree with them. if they feel threatened or challenged, they tend to withdraw and say little. however, if  further provoked, they have plenty to say.

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