free synastry lesson #1: the mars/lilith conjunction

The Mars/Lilith synastry aspect can either be a very Bonnie and Clyde-type of aspect, or a clash of two difficult, callous, and powerful personalities. The Mars person’s will to influence people aligns with the Lilith person’s display of rebellious intensity. The Mars person is more rebellious under the Lilith native’s maneuvering, and there is a kind of naturally self-entitled defiance that comes with the Lilith person’s behaviour. The Mars native acts more as a source of encouragement for this. However, if the Lilith person has an adversarial relationship with the Mars person, he/she views the Mars native as channeling the Lilith person’s need to steer events past the breaking point. This can result in something scandalous and irrevocable destructive, yet cathartic. So the Lilith native tends to admire this side of the Mars native even if they are an enemy.


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