moon overlays in synastry

1st house – Moon: The 1st house person becomes a source of emotional identification for the Moon person, who seeks validation and support / mirroring of their own emotional side from the 1st house person. There can be emotional enmeshment and co-dependency if the natal chart/synastry suggest it.

2nd house – Moon: The 2nd house person becomes a source of security for the Moon person through physical/financial/material/emotional stability (ex: food, shelter, validation). In turn, the 2nd house person can nurture and take care of the Moon person to meet their needs and make them feel safe. Or, if the aspects are negative, they can feel like the Moon person takes too much and gives too little.

3rd house – Moon: The 3rd house person becomes a source of communication and exchange of ideas for the Moon person, who seeks them out for verbal exchange. The Moon person can be compelled to share their emotions, feelings and ideas with the 3rd house person and there can be a lot of talking and “chatting”. The Moon person may look for emotional reassurance from the 3rd house person through words and ideas. The Moon person can seek validation of their emotions in what the 3rd house person says or believes.

4th house – Moon: The 4th house person becomes a “safe haven” for the Moon person, who sees them as a “homie” – someone they can share personal things with, feeling comfortable and at ease. There’s a sense of familiarity, the kind that makes you feel accepted and welcome just the way you are (imagine a healthy family interaction). If the aspects are challenging, the opposite feeling can emerge: uneasiness, feeling emotionally “naked” and unprotected.

5th house – Moon: The 5th house person becomes a source of romance, creativity, fun or sexuality for the Moon person, who inspires them to indulge in those activities. The Moon person relies on the 5th house person to bring them some fun times or to facilitate their self-expression, creativity or romantic side. If the Moon or the 5th house are natally challenged (or via synastry), both people can be frustrated because of the lack of romance, spontaneity or fun in their relationship.

6th house – Moon: The 6th house person becomes a source of practical support and help for the Moon person, who seeks them out on a daily basis or when they need some help with their health, work or any other situation. The Moon person can encourage the 6th house person to take better care of themselves and offer them advice as to how make their life easier / more organized. The 6th house person can become part of the Moon person’s daily routine. If there are afflictions, the 6th house person can feel like whatever advice they give to the Moon person doesn’t help them and it ends up frustrating them because they feel helpless when it comes to the Moon person and their emotional & daily life.

7th house – Moon: The 7th house person becomes a natural partner for the Moon person who sees them as someone they can be close to in a one-on-one relationship. The Moon person can be of assistance to the 7th house person when it comes to their relationships or the way they relate to others. The Moon person can develop, or hinder, the 7th house person’s ability to function in a one-on-one relationship. If there are afflictions, the Moon person can be wary of the 7th house person and there can be emotional rivalry of some sort.

8th house – Moon: The 8th house person becomes a source of emotional depth, psychological complexities and intrigue for the Moon person, who can see them as interesting, complex, mysterious or emotionally private or chaotic. The Moon person relies on the 8th house person for emotional transformation and purging of their past conditioning. Depending on the aspects, this can be very nerve-wracking and unpleasant for both people (although usually quite compelling). The Moon person can awaken the 8th house person’s desire for emotional and physical intimacy, and vice-versa.

9th house – Moon: The 9th house person becomes a source of mind expansion and broadening of beliefs for the Moon person, who seeks them out for philosophical, religious, cultural matters. The Moon person can be reassured or upset by the 9th house person’s beliefs and ideas, and may want to change them because it becomes an emotional matter for them.

10th house – Moon: The 10th house person becomes a source of admiration or inspiration for the Moon person who may find them as successful and like they have their act together. The Moon person may seek the 10th house person for advice on their career, social standing, or overall improvement of their status as an individual. If the overall condition of the Moon is good, there can be lots of mutual respect and admiration.

11th house – Moon: The 11th house person becomes a friend or “buddy” for the Moon person who seeks them out to share ideas, talk about a wide range of subjects, and basically make their brains work. The Moon person may encourage the 11th house person to adopt new ways of thinking or behaving, and broaden their social circle. There can be a sense of kinship and belonging to the same “gang”. There can be mutual goals or aspirations and an overall similar view on life.

12th house – Moon: The 12th house person, or the Moon person, becomes a source of reflection on emotional complexities and psychological mechanisms. The Moon person may “trigger” the 12th house person emotionally, mentally and spiritually – by shedding light on their unconscious / subconscious ways of thinking and behaving. This can be a touchy position if the Moon person doesn’t know how to handle the sensitivity and traumas of the 12th house person. Otherwise it can help the 12th house person bring some issues to light, and the Moon person can nurture and empathize with the 12th house person’s emotional traumas and hidden aspects of themselves.

The condition of the Moon in the natal chart, and the aspects it makes in the synastry, are crucial. If the Moon person hasn’t learned to deal with their Lunar issues, they may bring some issues to the house person and affect their houses (life) negatively. Conversely, if the house person isn’t at ease with the Moon person’s behaviour, they can react to the Moon person in a way that will hurt them and exacerbate their Lunar issues.

Generally speaking, the Moon person brings “light” to the house where it falls, and brings focus in that house. The house  person reacts to that focus and in turn, accepts or resists the Moon’s light (that would be seen in the natal aspects and in the synastry, and level of consciousness of both people).

But both the Moon person and the house person affect each other. So, the house person is a source of something for the Moon person, but it can also go the other way around – there’s an exchange of energies at play.

Another important thing is to see what aspects the Moon receives in the natal chart, and how they in turn affect the other person.

For example, imagine Sally has Moon opposite Saturn. She meets Ben and her Moon/Saturn opposition falls right on his 1st/7th house axis. So, Sally’s looking for emotional identification in Ben, but her insecurities and emotional issues make it difficult for her to trust him or to let go emotionally and be open with him, and that in turn directly  affects Ben’s self-image and his sense of partnerships / relationships. He may, for example, start doubting his own worthiness or his ability to handle emotional complexities, and as a result feel incompetent in his relationship with Sally, or like it’s too much trouble (which then confirms Sally’s negative belief of her own unworthiness or lack of trust in others – Moon/Saturn).

If this same opposition falls on the 2nd/8th house axis, the problem could be due to Sally feeling like she can’t, or shouldn’t, give too much or ask too much from Ben – maybe she denies her emotional needs, so Ben doesn’t know what she needs or wants, and in turn he can’t satisfy her needs (because she represses them or doesn’t express them openly). That in turn, can affect their emotional and physical intimacy negatively (Saturn – blockages) and create a lot of frustration and resentment and conflicts.

Now, let’s take a positive example:

Sally has Moon trine Neptune natally, and her Moon falls in Ben’s 5th house, while Neptune falls in his 9th house. Sally can bring out Ben’s creative side, make him feel special, like he’s an interesting person who is talented and should express himself creatively and/or romantically, and in order to do that, she uses compassion, art, new inspiring ideas, ideas related to foreign cultures or traveling. Basically, she expands his mind and encourages him to be more “himself” by using her nurturing (Lunar) and inspiring (Neptunian) qualities.

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