the cancer mystique; or why cancers are consistently disregarded

The fact that my sign inspires such irrational hatred makes me smile. From regular people to these dime-a-dozen tumblr “astrologers” even to actual real so-called “professional” astrologers. They just can’t help it, bless their souls, lol. It galvanizes me. There’s really no in between with Cancers; you either love them your love to hate them. Personally, for me, I like that; no middle ground. I like when people underestimate/ignore/dismiss me so that I can show them up and embarrass them and make them look stupid. As a Cardinal sign, I set the tone for things, and I always come out on top, whether people know it or acknowledge it or not. As a Cancer, I am the template and the foundation. The fact that this brings out the ignorance in everyone and that no one can accurately define me or put their finger on me further cements my power. As the planetary ruler of Cancer, the moon has an enormous impact on everyone and everything; it brings about strange and powerful change in humans. The moon is a symbol of death, rebirth, or victory on someone’s headstone. The moon is a higher vibration of Lilith in that it represents our lower nature but in an everyday/borderline annoying way instead of in the darkly subversive sexual way (although a badly aspected moon just might have this same effect). It embodies all that constitutes what esotericists call “the three-fold personality”: physical/etheric body, the emotional body, and the lower mind (up to the third subplane of the mental plane for those of you who want me to be technical about it). I am the moon; I am the feminine mystique condensed in its purest form. I’m not like the safe social Libra or the safe compassionate all-accepting Pisces; I have emotions and standards. This confuses people. My standards aren’t based on sterile and impossible hurdles like Virgo, nor are they based on the materialistic ways of the other two earth signs, Taurus and Capricorn; my standards are the fact that I demand basic respect. I won’t tolerate disrespect. This angers people. Also, as the leader of emotions and caring, (and unlike Aquarius, Sagittarius and Gemini) Cancers truly actually give a shit. This also angers people. I’ve found that people genuinely dislike people that truly give a shit. So as a scapegoat, they conveniently place all of their own foibles onto Cancer as if they’re the worst ones out of the zodiac because they have these foibles. You’ve heard them all: Cancers are weak, selfish, sensitive, crybabies, clingy, dependent, moody, annoying, irritating, childish, defensive, jealous, blah blah blah…all traits that everyone else has, but everyone else just hides it better. Cancers get a bad rap for these basic human traits, but everyone else has these traits just as much (if not more so). They despise the fact that Cancer is more emotionally honest and doesn’t bother hiding these universal traits. I remember my basic humanity. I don’t remember anyone else’s, mind you…I just remember and retain mine. I guess this is why people love to hate us so much haha.

I’m a wolf; but not a wolf in sheep’s clothing like everyone else is; I’m a wolf, you see me coming. This inspires fear. But unlike the obvious fear inspired by yang or Martian signs like Aries, Leo and Scorpio, the fear that I inspire as a Cancer is the fear of the unknown. You can never really know me, no matter how hard you try. Don’t try me; my claws can draw blood! I’m a secret weapon.

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