my aesthetique/estetique ultime

anaïs. 30. intj. astrochemistry major. lover of sex, wine, and all the finer things life has to offer. acataleptic. librocubicularist. historian. aesthete. nyctophile. anti-feminist. machiavellian. misanthrope. realist. full of sultriness and froideur. cacœthes futūtum.

cancer sun (11th house) • capricorn moon (5th house) • virgo rising • gemini mercury (10th house) • gemini venus (10th house) • virgo mars (1st house) taurus lilith (8th house)virgo/aquarius/capricorn dominant

“She was at once so resolute and so dreamy, so sensual and so intelligent. She also was intensely private. What she knew best was how it felt to be alone, unique, isolated. She was lacking in the sense of a solid communal life; What bound people together escaped her. What separated them was an object of wonder, delight and despair. She seemed as detached from herself as from everyone else.” – Stephen Spender, on Virginia Woolf

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